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Central Ohio Mamas

Sorry Daddies - this one's just for the girls!

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Welcome, Columbus Mamas!

Sorry, Daddies - this group's just for the girls!

This group is for Mamas in and around Columbus, Ohio who are interested in getting to know one another. Online chat is welcome and encouraged, but the primary goal is to form friendships that exist offline, too! We can do this by:

* Forming playgroups
* Instituting "Mama's Night Out" nights
* Starting a babysitting co-op
* Anything else that will promote participation and friendship among mamas!


I'm your friendly mod, Anna, and my intro is below. Within three days of joining the community, please click the "Take this survey" button and paste the code with your answers into a new post.

Columbus Mama's Questionaire
Your NameAnna
Your Age31
Number of kids, their gender, and their age2 kidlets: Jonny - 2, and Gracie - 1
What sort of mama-kid stuff do you love to do?Going to the zoo, going to the play areas at Tuttle Mall and Easton McDonald's, story time at various libraries. In warmer weather, going for walks, playing in the park, and swimming.
What mama-kid stuff are you not at all interested in doing?Nothing, really. I'll try anything once!
Are you here to make offline friends, or primarily interested in online interaction?Offline friends
What area of town do you live in?Just west of downtown, off of I-70 and Mound St.
What days and times of the week do you prefer to meet other Mamas offline?Tuesdays and Thursdays are bad. Any other day works, and daytime is usually best if it's a mama-kid thing. If it's mama-only, evenings are best.
Anything else you'd like to add?I'm a student at OSU, and the creator of http://www.mamasmilktees.com



* Play nicely
* Occasionally advertising mama-related products is ok; spamming is not
* No "fake" journals
* Complete the intro survey within three days of joining the group

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.